Interior design trends for autumn

tendencias decoración otoño

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Just as happens every year around this time, the general drop in temperatures puts an end to summer and marks the beginning of autumn, one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. In fact, at Vera Interiors it is very common that with the change of seasons, our clients request us for advice with the intention to adapt the different spaces of the home and introduce some novelties.

If in the previous article we reviewed the best interior design tips for your home, today we focus on the decoration trends that are going to be present this autumn of 2021. Taking into consideration that we are specialists in interior design, we know that there is nothing more tempting than having the possibility to adapt the decoration of your home with some nods to the new season. In that sense, we have prepared for you a brief list that includes the most outstanding trends for this autumn. Take note about the essentials of this season!

4 autumn decorating trends for 2021

The Japandi style bursts onto the scene

First of all, we present you a style that is characterized by the combination of the warmth of the Nordic style and the Japanese Zen character. The Japandi style is sober and simple, while it stands out for its simplicity and the use of natural elements. Inspired by the mixture of the two cultures, this peculiar style is a hybrid trend that takes the modernity of Scandinavian design and combines it with the timeless elegance of Japanese aesthetics. Among other aspects, Japandi uses a palette of neutral and pastel tones, in addition to adding pure and noble materials with exotic elements, such as fabrics or materials such as wood, stone or ceramic. The mixture of all these concepts will allow you to create different visual perspectives within the same space.

Interior design trends for autumn 1

Art Deco returns in full force

This autumn of 2021 greets the Art Deco style original from the beginning of the last century. Because for this season that we are just starting, comfort and tradition come together thanks to this geometric movement that includes the iconic curved shapes of the style that, in turn, can be combined with graphic and dynamic lines. As could not be otherwise, materials such as marble, gold metal, brass or velvet are going to have more presence and importance than ever. We bet they’ll catch you!

Predominance of neutral colours

The time has arrived to replace the white colour with neutral tones, such as beige, champagne or even grey with some touches of shades such as copper or pale pink. In this way, it is possible to achieve an exquisite decoration and obtain soft, refined and lovely environments. You will quickly discover how this autumn the chromatic range of neutral colours will take on all its importance, either for accessories or to introduce them into the painting of the walls. You must not pass over that they will bring a relaxing atmosphere to any room of the house and by all means they will fit perfectly with natural and recycled materials.

Interior design trends for autumn 2

Natural materials are back

As has happened during the rest of the months of the year, natural materials are back this autumn. Plant materials such as rattan, wool or wicker, frequently used in elements to heat the interior of the house, will allow you to create cosy and charming environments. By the way, linen is another essential material that must be present in all rooms, from the table to the bedroom, while bamboo is no longer limited to the role that offers a simple purely decorative plant. Likewise, the vegetal green colour will gain ground to conquer the kitchens or home walls this season.

Interior design trends for autumn 3

As you will have noticed, for this autumn the comfort and style will be a must, but also will be important the choice of materials and their origin. We put an end to today’s article by reminding you that, if you are looking for advice on interior decoration in Seville, at Vera Interiors we are convinced that we can satisfy all your concerns. We will be glad to help you implement the latest trends in interior design, as well as give you the necessary support. It will be a pleasure for us to accompany you to achieve the transformation that your property needs!

Rocio Garcia

Vera Interiors Founder.