How to select the right paint colour for your home?

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Some fans of home decoration may think that simply painting the walls will achieve the transformation they are looking for at an opportune moment. However, we have been able to observe first-hand that it is not always easy for our clients to choose the right colour tones. Sometimes, some of them make the mistake of not taking into account aspects such as the presence or absence of natural light, the type of rooms or their size.

With the aim of helping you and taking into account our experience in interior decoration, at Vera Interiors we have dedicated today’s article to share a list of tips so that you have the necessary bases that allow you to choose the best colour for the walls whenever you want to give your home a facelift. They will surely surprise you!

Tips for choosing the best wall colour

Lighting is the starting point

Before choosing the ideal colour, one of the keys to take into account is the type of lighting that each of the spaces in the house has. Depending on the light and lighting conditions that the walls of the rooms receive, differences in colour will be observed during different hours of the day. If we talk about natural light, we recommend betting on dark tones if the room is bright and soft ones if the opposite happens. In the case of the room has artificial lighting, you should know that LED lights reduce the vividness of colours, while halogens enhance it.

How to select the right paint colour for your home? 1

The dimensions of each room influence

As most of you probably well know, the size of the rooms closely affects the choice of wall colour. For those large spaces that enjoy natural lighting, the most common option is to opt for dark tones, while light colours will be reserved for those rooms with reduced dimensions, so as not to reduce space at a visual level. If instead what you are looking for is to risk and provide an original touch, you can paint a wall or detail in a different colour, although you may have limitations.

Respect the nature of the rooms

While it is true that there are no golden rules to follow when it comes time to opt for shades, you can decide on the colours depending on whether you want to paint a bedroom, study room, kitchen, bathroom or living room. As an example, colours that provide a sense of calm and cleanliness will be suitable for spaces such as the bathroom or kitchen, while in a place of meeting and interaction for the family, such as the living room, you can choose colours with greater personality that allow you to value the presence of all the elements that are in the room.

How to select the right paint colour for your home? 2

Furniture influences on the final decision

Finally, we believe that when choosing the colour of the walls you should always take into consideration the full set. Or what is the same, you also have to take into account the furniture and any other elements that are inside. With regard to furniture, soft colours are usually chosen on the walls when the furniture is dark or is made of dark wood. On the contrary, if the furniture has neutral or light tones, you can decide on a tone that has much more presence and personality. It can help you to try to think about what the end result of mixing elements would be such as the sofa or other furniture with the colour of the walls, but always maintaining the necessary harmony, both in colours and styles.

As experts in interiors design in Seville, at Vera Interiors we remind you that, although it is true that you can take into account the above tips for choosing the colour for the walls, the reality is that it is a very personal aspect that will always depend on your tastes and what you want to convey. Colours act directly on people’s emotions, so it is imperative to make a good choice to feel as comfortable as possible at home. Finally, don’t forget to choose quality paint to get the makeover your home needs. What are you waiting for?

Rocio Garcia

Fundadora Vera Interiors.

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