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How to design a functional, productive and harmonious workspace

As we have experienced in the last few years because of the pandemic, many companies are taking home-office as a fixed or increasingly present working methodology, and it is no longer a benefit for just some employees, as it used to be years ago.

This forces us to adapt our daily routine to the “new normal” and make the most of it, without it becoming something harmful and full of obstacles.

That is why this post is focused on how to optimize and improve our workspace. An environment that we like for working from home will make our working day more pleasant and productive.

The place is paramount

It is important to establish a fixed space of work, as free of distractions as possible. Preferentially avoiding sofas and beds, and also TVs or kitchens, as they will divert our attention during our working hours.

A good option would be to take advantage of a disused corner of our house, since we will optimize our working space and we will have a good place to maintain concentration.

The desk

A good option for a small space is, for example, to have a foldable desk which you can fold down when you need to use it, and fold up when you don’t.

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The location of the desk is a very significant point to take into account. It is advisable that it is located in front of a window, through which natural light enters and that it faces us if possible, since if it faces us from the side or from the back it can generate annoying glare on our screens.

It there is no possibility or space to place a desk, we can choose a table and use it as our fixed work place during working hours. The most important thing is that we keep the same place and do not work from different parts of the house every day. This will significantly improve our concentration.

Invest in a good chair

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Let us not forget the importance of maintaining good posture during the working day, which is why we should not underestimate the importance of the chair we use to work.

Ideally, it should be an ergonomic and height-adjustable one, so that it can best adapt to our desk and our needs. It would also be good if it has armrests for greater comfort and wheels for easy transport.

It is paramount that our eyesight is at the same level as the screen in order to avoid neck pain and eye fatigue. We can achieve this with an adjustable chair, or by incorporating pillows to adjust the height of our chair.

Ensure good lighting

As we said before, if it is possible, it is recommended to place the desk in front of a window, through which natural light can enter. In case of not having this option, at least make sure you have good artificial light, preferably from different parts of the house. This is another improvement for your work area that we could include.

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It is important to choose organizers for our desk and furniture that allow us to organize our space as much as possible, without losing sight of its usefulness.

An organized workspace will allow us to concentrate much more and give us more creativity.

Choosing as many organizers as we need will help us to maintain the desired order and, at the same time, create a good decoration.

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Selecting the right colours may be valuable to feel comfortable in our space, and it is essential to take into account some of their meanings when incorporating them to our decor.

It is vital to use light and white colours to make a quiet and non-stressful space, and to give the feeling of spaciousness. White represents simplicity, that makes it ideal to rule our decor.

Colours like red or orange represent energy and stimulation, and they improve our mood, so they can be a good option to incorporate in our decor. It is not recommendable to put these colours everywhere because they can distract us.

Yellow is also a good option because it represents warmth and good mood, it will give us the feeling of happiness in our daily life, helping our creativity.

Colours such as green and blue inspire freshness and tranquillity which provides higher concentration, so they are ideal for work places.

Make sure that the wall and the elements on your desk match their colours in order to maintain the feeling of harmony. In addition, we can draw on the colours of the nature and their combinations to feel comfortable.

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Decorations that inspire

Adding some decor of our interest, such as pictures with quotes, photos, or any ornament that motivate us, will be positive as it will give us more energy to work.

Applying aromatherapy will also be a great anti-stress and motivational opportunity.

Adding green colours, for example with natural plants, will give a feeling of freshness and happiness. This will help us to improve concentration and productivity.

This will help us to improve concentration and productivity.

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Source: Vera Interiors.

Not losing sight of our goals

Finally, it is important not to forget those small details in our routine that complement the decoration to generate an atmosphere of productivity, creativity and, above all, positive energy for us.

Keeping a routine

Do not forget that we are working even though we are at home. Organizing times and having a routine, as when we used to go to the office, will help us to stay focus and avoid carrying away, losing control of our schedules.

Establish work spaces

If we use a dinner table as a desk because of lack of space, it is convenient to do small modifications on our desk in order to avoid mixing work with daily life.

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Do not work in your pyjamas

Not necessarily dressing for the office, but changing the pyjamas we had for another clothes will improve the establishment of a routine and the achievement of goals.

Not sitting in front of the computer all day, taking lunch breaks to rest and go for a walk, clearing our heads now and then, are some habits that it is better to keep active, so as not to make our work and our daily life so monotonous and similar.

Taking care of your meals

When we are at home, we run the risk of overeating. It is advisable not to have snacks all the time and to keep meal on time, having healthy food on hand for in-between meals can avoid falling into bad habits.


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Although when we hear the words home office most of us see a great opportunity, since we will not have to go to the office in cold, heat, or traffic, it is important to have the necessary tools to make our experience in teleworking a pleasant and productive experience, which we are able to maintain over time without inconvenience.

Focusing on the decoration of our workspace is the first step to achieve the harmony we need in our daily lives, and transform an everyday place into a space of concentration and creativity, where we can work for several hours without losing the productivity we had in the office. Remember that you can also review our list of the best interior design tips for your home, applicable to your home office.

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