Sell or rent your house with these decorating ideas

Sell or rent your house

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With the current crisis that we are experiencing, the rental and sale of houses has become very challenging. In fact, at Vera Interiors we believe that the new situation represents a great opportunity for buyers. If in your case you want to sell or rent your home, we have prepared a short list with some decoration ideas that will allow you to increase the value of your property.

Tip number one: to convert the different spaces of the house into charming places it is essential to invest time and money. Fortunately, good decoration minimizes costs, contributes to improving the appearance and to revaluate the home.

It is easy, simple decoration ideas are all you need to rent your property for a higher amount or even sell it much faster. Because it is well known that you never have a second chance to make a first impression. And the real estate sector is not an exception!

Home Staging to sell or rent your house faster

Home Staging is a technique used to promote the rental or sale. It was born in the 80s in the United States and in recent years has gained special importance in our country.

As a concept, Home Staging focuses on the presentation of the property in detail so that it catches the customer’s attention. It is a kind of set-up that is carried out in order to attract future buyers and facilitate the sale or rental to owners.

This type of home reorganization is surely an excellent economic operation and much faster than other types of intensive repairs. Basically, it consists of carrying out small modifications and renovations to achieve a change of image of the pieces, always conserving the style, betting on creativity.

As you can expect, the price is one of the variables that has more influence when it comes to selling a home. Although it is not the only decisive factor because of there are other points that greatly condition the chances of success in the sale. We review them below!

Decoration tips for renting and selling real estate

Improve the image

There is no doubt that to sell or rent a home it is important to convert it into an attractive space. Although you should not worry excessively because changing the appearance does not have to be excessively expensive. It only requires creativity and the collaboration of a specialist. You will not regret!

Get a home with more light

There is no doubt that everybody love sunny spaces. If you want to have more natural light in your home, you can always use mirrors in closets and walls. Moreover, you need to take into consideration that white or pale tones curtains allow sunlight to pass through and keep your interior looks brighter.

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Kitchen and bathroom remodelling

When buyers are trying to find the perfect property, the kitchen and the bathroom are two parts of the house that have a special influence on the decision. It’s time to change some furniture and repair or replace those elements that are necessary.

Sell or rent your house with these decorating ideas 1
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Pay special attention to furniture

It is well known that large furniture is comfortable but makes the room looks smaller than it actually is. Furthermore, having old furniture also decreases ​​the value of your home. Remember that the choice will highly influence first impressions.

Depersonalize your home

Finally, our last advice is to remove those objects that are part of the routine, the past and memories. Sometimes, their presence generates buyer rejection, so we recommend a slightly different approach.

As you have discovered, decoration is one of the fastest and easiest ways to revalue your property. If you need the advice of a professional to decorate your home, you can contact us at the following email address: [email protected].

Send us a message and we will contact you to arrange an initial consultation as soon as possible. We will be pleasant to accompany you in the set-up of your home!

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