How to incorporate Feng Shui into your decoration and create pleasant spaces?

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As home is our personal space and the place where we rest, filling it with positive energy is of great importance. This is essential for fulfilling our daily tasks while, at the same time, ensuring our well-being.

One way to ensure that our home decoration transmits pleasant feelings is by using techniques connected to the Feng Shui philosophy. However, many people are unaware of its existence or do not know how to make the best out of it. With that in mind, in this article, we will tell you its fundamentals to help you Feng Shui your spaces.

How to incorporate Feng Shui into your decoration and create pleasant spaces? 1
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What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a very ancient Chinese philosophy. It’s goal is the conscious achievement of balance, tranquillity and harmony through the decoration and organization of rooms.

This technique studies forces and energy flow, as well as how to harness them to improve the life and mood of its inhabitants, and their relationship with their surroundings.

How to Apply Feng Shui?

Feng Shui decor relies on the five elements of nature: wood, fire, earth, water, and metal.

There are many ways, elements, and aspects that have to be considered when applying Feng Shui to our decoration. Find the most relevant below:

Uncluttered Home and Mind

Among Feng Shui’s priorities are the neatness and organization of spaces and the elements that they are comprised of. For this reason, it could be said that one of the premises of this philosophy is minimalism, that is, having only what is essential.

Neat spaces improve rest, focus, productivity, and emotional and psychological health. In addition, uncluttered rooms without obstacles allow an adequate flow of energy.

A good idea for making your home a happier place is making a daily effort to keep it clean and tidy. Additionally, make sure to ventilate rooms, this will clean the air and allow sunlight and heat into your home.

A way to achieve this is getting pieces of furniture with sufficient space for the storage of any belongings that may be overwhelming to sight. You should also learn to dispose of all those things that you don’t really need.

The Importance of Light

Lighting is key for Feng Shui, especially natural light. Natural light carries many benefits for health, such as energy and vitality. This is why clearing your windows and allowing as much sunlight in as possible is highly advisable.

As is usual in Feng Shui, to maintain balance we need to consider that too much light may not be a good thing, as an equilibrium with shadows should exist.

Regarding artificial lighting, warm lights or candles in orange shades are the best options.

How to incorporate Feng Shui into your decoration and create pleasant spaces? 2
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The Colours of Nature

When it comes to colours and Feng Shui, the predominance is of those present in nature’s elements. They fulfil an essential role in any home’s energy, so our decision on this should be careful.

Related to the element of water, shades of blue represent neatness, cleanliness, peace, fluidity, and stability. This colour conveys pleasant sensations for a good rest and inner serenity, which makes it the perfect choice for bedrooms.

Red and orange tones are connected to the fire element. They symbolize passion, motivation, joy, and fun, and they help to improve our mood and stimulate good vibes. These colours are perfect for the living room, as they help to remove negativity from spaces and create a warm and comfortable climate.

Natural shades like beige or brown connect us with the earth element. They convey feelings of comfort, stability, and security, and are therefore ideal for relaxation spaces.

Neutral colours like white or grey transmit a feeling of simplicity and refer us to cleanliness. These colours are directly related to the element of metal, which also symbolizes accuracy, clarity, logic, and intelligence.

Finally, green shades take us directly to nature and wood. They help us improve our self-esteem, health, and rest while channelling tranquillity and vitality.

When applying these colours, it is important to consider how they combine, and how much should each of them be used. Remember not to overload the environment: an accessory or piece of decoration alone may suffice to activate the energies conveyed by each tone.

How to incorporate Feng Shui into your decoration and create pleasant spaces? 3
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Decoration and Feng Shui

As for decoration, and continuing with natural trends, Feng Shui encourages using plants and flowers in every house area. They bring harmony, peace, and vitality to homes, renewing their energy.

Bamboo, fern, palm, corn plant, jade and peach blossom are among the most recommended. However, you may prefer to choose those that best suit your space and your tastes. Remember that you will have to take good care of them, as a neglected plant could create the opposite effect.

Besides decoration and beauty, fresh flowers will add a special scent to the house, stimulating creativity and bringing good energy. Essential oils and humidifiers can serve as a complement.

Another possibility to incorporate nature is through objects manufactured using any of the elements, like wooden furniture, a fireplace, metallic lamps, candles, fountains, mirrors, and clay or earthenware tableware.

Although the goal is creating a balance between the elements, you can add a little more of the one that best suits what you need in your life. In addition to generating the desired energy, you will create an interesting space that matches your style.

Regarding furniture, it is advisable to choose rounded shapes and keep them away from the walls whenever possible to improve the flow of energy.

On the other hand, shared areas, such as a living room and dining room, should be visually separated to maintain their own energy. You can use carpets, different lighting, or doors to achieve this effect.

Finally, we will concentrate on the decoration of a relevant space in the house: its entrance. Feng Shui considers that it is through this area that positive energy, prosperity, and health come in, and then spread throughout the rest of the home. For this reason, the entrance should be kept tidy and with as few objects as possible, to prevent energy flow from being hindered by any obstacles. In addition, since it is our first sight when arriving home, a pleasant welcome will be essential after spending many hours away.

How to incorporate Feng Shui into your decoration and create pleasant spaces? 4
Source: Vera Interiors

With all these tips in mind, we invite you to Feng Shui your home and make it the cosy and comfortable space you need in your everyday life. You’ll be amazed at the great change that this decor style can bring to your life.

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